Scampi in Chouffe

Easy recipe - Serves 4
Preparation: 30 min - Cooking time: 25 min
> 24 shelled scampi
> 40 cl fresh cream
> 2 chopped tomatoes
> 33 cl LA CHOUFFE®
> 25 g green pepper
> flour
> butter
> salt, pepper, chopped tarragon
Season scampi, coat in flour and sauté in very hot butter. Set aside. Deglaze using LA CHOUFFE®. Boil down a little, and then add the cream, the tomatoes and the green pepper. When the tomatoes are cooked through (+/- 10 minutes), pass the mixture through a fine strainer. Thicken and add chopped tarragon, and then the scampi. Season to taste. Serve hot.